Modular real-time system for
in-vehicle use

Compact and robust in-vehicle prototyping system

Modeling system architecture and generating virtual ECUs

New high-performance product family for data-driven developments for autonomous driving

Application programming interfaces for connecting to dSPACE platforms

Real-Time Models for Vehicle Development

Powerful test authoring and
automation tool

Compact prototyping unit
for the laboratory

Production code generation for the highest demands

Universal modular experiment and instrumentation software for electronic control unit (ECU) development

Modeling system architecture and generating virtual ECUs

Configuration tool for LIN, CAN, and CAN FD bus simulation

BTC EmbeddedPlatform is a technology platform which provides you a powerful basis for combination use of the advanced testing technologies.

Requirements-based Testing for Simulink, TargetLink, Embedded Coder and Handwritten Code

Smart test generation for an ISO 26262 certified and fully automated Back-2-Back Test

Step into the formal world with ease! What if your PC could understand your requirements?
More than testing The power of proof for safety-critical systems.

Professional watchdogs for safety critical applications

Technology Preview: Scenario-based Virtual Validation for ADAS/AD

The master board communicates with up to 32 Local Monitoring Units (LMU), featuring up to 1000V applications.

 The next generation scalable BMS for high voltage applications

The compact c-BMS manages up to 24 cells in series and up to 6 temperature sensors in the pack. Maximum pack voltage rating is 100V.

The battery control Unit combines the s-BMS with the battery disconnect functions and current measurement sensors.

For private usage, housing associations and smaller business.

For housing associations
and business

For housing associations, business and microgrid

User Interface (UI) Design Tools
for Applications.

A Cross-platform IDE for Application Development.
The complete software development framework

Fast, easy, and efficient, charge your future with Webasto, the right choice for your lifestyle.

 Test faster and more efficiently with more predictive results.

Webasto has the right charging station for every requirement.

Installation Space-Optimized Roof System

Webasto develops mechanisms, sunblinds and drives for an installation space-neutral roof system.

LDRA’s software testing tools expedite your certification/approval process

LDRA Testbed and TBvision

With the LDRA Testbed as your foundation, you have complete flexibility to tailor the tool suite for your specific needs.

A-341 PIglide HGS Hybrid Gantry System

Hybrid Guide Design with Air Bearings and Recirculating Ball Bearing Guides for High Precision with Low Profile.
Hexapods provide motion in six degrees of freedom in the most compact package. on.

A-637 rotational stage with high-quality
Linear stage Z-axis (plus XYZ-axis fo
optimization to achieve Z at
<1um straightness and <5um flatness)