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Virtual Tech Day for Academia

Thursday 2 December 2021, 03:00 PM – 06:00 PM(GMT +7)

This Virtual Tech Day will illustrate the real-time development systems consisting of robust hardware and comprehensive software tools for Developing and Testing Complex Control Systems. ‚ÄčEspecially for the classroom and research projects.

The model-based approach will make it possible to teach complex control concepts easily, from the initial design using block diagrams to final online optimizations of the controller in real-time.

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Functional Safety Compliance for Automotive and Aerospace

Tuesday 6 July 2021, 14.00 hrs. (Thailand Time, GMT +7)
Functional Safety was a buzzword years back, and now it has become a reality and requirement for various industries involved in developing new technologies, complex software, and next-generation products. Adherence to Functional Safety standards comes with its challenges. Performing the lifecycle activities and establishing confidence with required work products or artifacts in each lifecycle stage of ISO 26262 or DO-178C is one of the critical Functional Safety Standard challenges.

Embedded Safety & Security Summit (ESSS)

17 JUNE 2021 at 12:00-16:45 (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)
Focusing on the safety and security aspects of critical embedded system, Embedded Safety & Security Summit (ESSS) is an exclusive arena for the whole embedded community to learn, interact and nurture. This is the sixth edition of this successful initiative driven by LDRA with support from partners, clients, industry & professional bodies and government agencies. This year the conference will be held on a virtual platform offering a distinctive online event experience with deep-dive technical session and the right mix of networking opportunities.