BTC Requirement Observers

Professional watchdogs for safety critical applications

The increasing size and complexity of embedded software combined with a growing number of safety critical applications is currently leading to some significant changes in the approach for system tests. Especially in areas like autonomous driving or car-to-X communication, we can see two important trends: A huge amount of (virtual) test drive miles combined with complex test scenarios that often don’t allow a one-to-one mapping to a particular requirement. This situation brings new challenges regarding the assessment of the test data.

BTC EmbeddedSpecifier together with the dSPACE “RTT Observer Library” provides an efficient and integrated solution for the generation and execution of “requirement observers.” These watchdogs can be created in an intuitive step-by-step approach using BTC EmbeddedSpecifier to transform natural language requirements into a machine-readable formal representation. Afterward, you can use them to constantly validate the status of each requirement in real-time, e.g. during a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation.

Due to the parallel execution of the requirement observers and the HIL system, the test effort remains mostly unchanged whereas the test depth dramatically increases based on the continuous validation of all tests against all requirements. Moreover, the high degree of integration into dSPACE software products enables a comfortable and efficient way of using requirement observers in different projects. For dSPACE ControlDesk, an automatic layout generator is provided (see screenshot) which gives live feedback regarding the status of each requirement. Within dSPACE AutomationDesk, an additional library block can be used to automatically manage and report all observers during automated test executions.


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