New high-performance product family for data-driven developments for autonomous driving
Environment perception sensors are critically important to the operation of autonomous vehicles. These sensors generate ever growing volumes of data. With the AUTERA product family, dSPACE now offers a system that can read, process, and record raw sensor data from lidar, radar, and camera sensors as well as from automotive buses and networks, with best-in-class bandwidth.

Autonomous vehicles feature a large number of high-resolution sensors used to perceive their surroundings. These sensors create multiple data streams, which have to be merged into an overall environment image. This overall picture of the operating environment then has to be made available for other algorithms such as trajectory planning. Object recognition and sensor fusion are frequently aided by artificial intelligence (AI). To develop, train, and test the complex AI-based systems, a sizeable quantity (petabytes) and quality of data collected during real test drives is required.

Therefore, recording all relevant data plays an essential role in this data-driven development process. The special challenge is to meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth. Therefore, a recording system must not only be scalable, it must also be flexibly configurable so that it can be adapted to a variety of vehicle configurations, such as sensor interfaces, buses, and networks.

AUTERA – Shaping the Autonomous Era

AUTERA is a dSPACE product family designed for data-driven development in the area of autonomous driving and driver assistance. Its core member is the AUTERA AutoBox – a modular robust in-vehicle data logging and prototyping system with excellent performance. It can read, process, and record raw data from lidar, radar, and camera sensors as well as automotive buses and networks with best-in-class bandwidth.


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