Platform API Package

Application programming interfaces for connecting to dSPACE platforms
The Platform API Package is a set of libraries to access dSPACE real-time platforms and dSPACE VEOS. It provides a convenient way to download and start/stop models and also gives high-level access to the model variables for reading, writing, stimulating, capturing, etc.

Package containing automation libraries for accessing dSPACE systems

High-level libraries for convenient platform management and simulation model access

Compliant to ASAM XIL API standard

Key Benefits

  • Access to dSPACE real-time platforms and dSPACE VEOS
  • Support of Python or any .NET-compliant language
  • Support of ASAM XIL API standard
  • Create your own test scripts and test automation applications to access parameters and signals in your simulation
  • Automation interface to MATLAB®, e.g., for data processing

Test Automation Software

Product Information, PDF, English, 6257 KB

More Information about Platform API Package

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