Modular real-time system
The modular dSPACE SCALEXIO system can be used for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and rapid control prototyping (RCP) applications. It is highly scalable, provides high-performance processor technology for demanding real-time requirements as well as comprehensive, precise, and fast I/O capabilities. SCALEXIO systems are configured in dSPACE ConfigurationDesk.

High-performance processor technology the most for demanding real-time requirements

Comprehensive bus support and I/O capabilities

Scalable system with various software-based configuration options

Key Benefits

  • Scalable to any computation and I/O requirements
  • For laboratory as well as in-vehicle applications
  • High-performance processor technology for real-time calculation of large and complex simulation models
  • Comprehensive, precise, and fast I/O capabilities based on FPGA technology
  • IOCNET real-time backbone with very low jitter and high bandwidth for best-in-class closed-loop performance
  • Openess for several third-party simulation environments via Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) support


Product Information, PDF, English, 23107 KB


Product Information, PDF, English, 1780 KB

More Information about SCALEXIO

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