Modeling system architecture and generating virtual ECUs
SystemDesk is a system architecture tool that provides sophisticated and extensive support for modeling AUTOSAR architectures and systems for application software. Additionally, SystemDesk generates virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) out of the application software. The V-ECUs can be used as units under test with the dSPACE simulation platforms, such as the PC-based simulation platform VEOS for validating the ECU software.

Efficient modeling, including plausibility checks and correction suggestions

Flexible generation of virtual ECUs, e.g., with your own basic software, for early validation with VEOS

Complete and documented API for automation

Key Benefits

  • Support of Classic AUTOSAR, Adaptive AUTOSAR, and non-AUTOSAR-based approaches
  • Guided creation of V-ECUs on the basis of the AUTOSAR software architecture
  • Automatic configuration of dSPACE basic software for the simple and fast preparation of V-ECUs onapplication level
  • Automatic configuration of production BSW that can be generated with third-party BSW generator tools and used to generate V-ECUs (available for some modules)
  • Integration of production BSW above the Micro­controller Abstraction Layer (MCAL)
  • Automatic processes for V-ECU generation possible due to a complete automation API
  • Comprehensive validation of the software architecture model for direct feedback in case of problems

Working with SystemDesk

SystemDesk supports the development process with numerous features for intuitive working:

    • AUTOSAR-Compliant Modeling
      Use SystemDesk’s authoring capabilities to create and edit software architecture and system descriptions according to the AUTOSAR standard.
    • Generation of Virtual ECUs for Simulation
      Use SystemDesk to generate virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) that include dSPACE’s or your own basic software modules to get a realistic representation of the real ECU. The V-ECUs are based on AUTOSAR- or non-AUTOSAR-compliant code. Simulate the V-ECU with VEOS to validate your software in a PC-based simulation.
    • Dialogs and Diagrams
      For an easy and efficient capture and configuration of common AUTOSAR data, SystemDesk offers convenient, preconfigured dialogs. Additionally, special diagrams of the software architecture and system elements help keep an overview of your model.
    • Data Exchange with TargetLink
      You can exchange data seamlessly between SystemDesk and dSPACE’s production code generator, TargetLink. This gives you a secure process for including the actual functionality in the software architecture in a model-based development environment.
    • Project Validation
      Use SystemDesk’s validation functionality to ensure that your AUTOSAR architecture is complete and consistent before giving it to a project partner for basic software (BSW) configuration and before generating a V-ECU – and save time by finding problems as early as possible. You can define your own validation rules to also check compliance with company-specific project requirements.
    • Complete and Documented Tool API
      Use the open tool API to automate recurring design tasks and extend the features of SystemDesk according to project-specific requirements or even use it to create a completely automated tool chain for V-ECU generation.
    • Application Software and BSW Integration
      For testing the ECU software, you can either combine your application software with dSPACE basic software (BSW) modules or import your own BSW. Importing your own production BSW lets you test your basic software or functions that require realistic BSW input, such as diagnostics functions. If your test focus is the application software, using the dSPACE BSW is more convenient, as it is automatically generated and configured according to the systems requirements.


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