High accuracy squareness tester

A-637 rotational stage with high-quality
Linear stage Z-axis (plus XYZ-axis fo
optimization to achieve Z at
<1um straightness and <5um flatness)

Key Specs

1000 mm of max. Travel range

+/-0.3 um of Straightness

+/-0.3 um of Squareness

0.2 um of Repeatability in the vertical axis

1 nm of Sensor resolution



(Standard and Reversal technique)

Height or Length


 Create impact for institute and nation 

High quality, precision with ISO 17025 

Automated measurement and testing result 
3 measurement capabilities in 1 machine 


Increasing number of calibration services/certifications for
✱ Straightness ✱
✱ Squareness ✱
✱ Height or Length ✱

Increasing measuring range and capabilities to calibrate more precise products

Increasing number of training

Item Description Axis
Axis Name Z plus additional XYZ piezo stage
Stage (Motor) Customized linear stage
ATravel range 1000 mm
Accuracy (1D error mapping) ± 1 μm
Sensor Resolution 1 nm
Unidirectional repeatability 0.2 μm
Straightness with compensation ± 0.3 um
Flatness with compensation ± 0.3 um
Squareness with compensation ±0.3 um
Motor Z: Stepper motor; XYZ: Piezo ceramic
Encoder/ Sensor/td> Z: Incremental linear encoder, SINCOS
XYZ: Integrated capacitive sensor
Overall mass / Inertia 700 kg including granite base
Dynamic performance Axis
Motion Type Linear
Maximum Speed 50 mm/s
Move Profile Information Move 100mm within 10s, dwell 8s
Item Description Axis
Controller Options Z: ACS SPiiPlusEC
XYZ: E-727.3CDA
Drive Module PN Z: UDMNT2C220N0T
Digitial I/O's Yes
Accessories UDMnt-2-BOB, Granite Base etc.

1. High-quality Linear stage Z-axis

Closed-loop DC servo motor with noncontact optical encoders which can measure the position directly at the platform with the greatest accuracy.
Nonlinearity, mechanical play or elastic deformation have no influence on the measurement. This linear stage is designed and assembled carefully for the highest position stability, although the power is switched off.

2. XYZ Flexure Guided Nanopositioning System

High guiding accuracy due to zero-play flexure guide is free of maintenance and friction, plus outst anding lifetime over than 100 billion cycles without a single failure is proven thanks to the patented PICMA® piezo actuators. Its stiffness allows high load capacity and It is insensitive to shock and vibration.
All degrees of freedom are measured and can be actively compensated to the correct position in XYZ in real-time. High tracking accuracy is achieved in the nanometer range even in dynamic operation.

3. Linear Variable Differential Transformer

Inductive axial probe which has measuring range at+/-2 mm under a resolution at 0.01 um provides a reliable measuring result and able to record/ present data via software.

4. Flat Rotation Stage with Air Bearing

The directly driven low-profile rotation stage is designed for the highest precision. Eccentricity and flatness is below 100 nm. Absolute encoders supply explicit position information that enables immediate determination of the position. This means that referencing is not required during switch-on, which increases efficiency and safety during operation.

5. Granite base

High straightness and levelness granite base for Metrology laboratory to minimize uncertainty and error of measurement. Well grinding and measuring before the equipment are mounted.