Modular real-time system for in-vehicle use
The SCALEXIO AutoBox brings the power of SCALEXIO into vehicles like passenger cars, trucks, trains, and agricultural as well as construction machinery. Optimized for in-vehicle use, it is ideal for test drives in the development of components such as electric powertrains and chassis control as well as functions for assisted, highly automated, and autonomous driving (AD).

Up to 7 slots for SCALEXIO I/O boards

Integrated power supply for 12 V, 24 V, and 48 V electrical systems

Improved shock and vibration resistance

Key Benefits

The SCALEXIO AutoBox is a robust chassis for in-vehicle use. It provides up to seven slots for SCALEXIO I/O boards and one system slot intended for the DS6001 Processor Board. The SCALEXIO AutoBox offers a wide-range power supply to operate with 12 V, 24 V, and 48 V electrical systems, and it also supports operation at cranking conditions, such as temporary voltage drops. The chassis is equipped with shock and vibration dampers and an optimized cooling system. Remote power-up and -down is provided via different interfaces, e.g., terminal 15 or wake-up on CAN. The modular concept of the SCALEXIO AutoBox and the many I/O, bus, and network connections allow for use-case-optimized system setups. Furthermore, programmable FPGA subsystems let you implement user-specific hardware accelerators or interfaces. To increase the computation performance or the number of interfaces, you can combine several SCALEXIO AutoBoxes to one real-time system. 

You can use all SCALEXIO I/O boards in the SCALEXIO AutoBox along with a wide range of dSPACE software to configure settings and implement models, among other things.


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