Modular real-time system
The SCALEXIO LabBox is a compact chassis for desktop or rack-mount use. It can integrate a SCALEXIO processor board or be connected to a SCALEXIO Processing Unit. Its two versions offer space for up to 7 or 18 SCALEXIO I/O boards.

Compact size for desktop and rack use

Small version for up to 7 SCALEXIO I/O boards

19" version for up to 18 SCALEXIO I/O boards

Easy system setup and modification

Low noise emission

Key Benefits

Its compact footprint and low noise emission make SCALEXIO LabBox a powerful real-time system for the desk. The mechanical concept for an easy setup and modifications allows quick adaptations of the system to changing project requirements. Due to different options for processing hardware, the computation power of LabBox-based systems can be scaled to match a wide range of applications. SCALEXIO LabBox is also available as rack-mount and covered rack-mount version.

Options for Processing Hardware

For both chassis variants, you have two options regarding the processing hardware:

  • The dual-slot DS6001 Processor Board can be installed in the SCALEXIO LabBox, which results in a very compact setup.
  • Alternatively, SCALEXIO Processing Units can be connected externally using the DS6051 IOCNET Router to provide more computation performance, e.g., for complex and computationally intensive simulation models.

Coupling Options with DS6051 IOCNET Router

The DS6051 IOCNET Router is used to connect SCALEXIO LabBox with external processing hardware, e.g., a SCALEXIO Processing Unit or existing SCALEXIO real-time systems as I/O extensions.

You can use all SCALEXIO I/O boards in the SCALEXIO LabBox along with a wide range of dSPACE software to configure settings and implement models, among other things.


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IOCNET is network technology developed by dSPACE for internal simulator communication

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