Electric Test Bench

High-voltage power hardware-in-the-loop
dSPACE offers ready-to-use solutions for testing controllers and power electronics throughout the complete range of electric vehicle components. These solutions are specifically tailored for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation at power level. Power HIL systems from dSPACE close the gap between signal HIL testing and testing on dynamometers or in prototype vehicles.

Testing electric motor controllers including power electronics with emulated motors and accurate real currents

Modular hardware for different applications and special application topologies

Turn-key test bench concepts for a wide range of electromobility applications

Key Benefits

The high-voltage load setup based on the DS5385 and DS5386 High-Voltage Electronic Load Modules features a compact and modular design. The compact units can be used flexibly with regard to currents per phase and number of phases as well as the type of source to be emulated. The system’s scalability allows for a combination of multiple high voltage cabinets to further increase the test system’s power. Using the same hardware for the emulation of loads, such as electric motors, and sources, such as batteries, makes the systems cost-effective and easy to maintain. The energy flow in the system circulates without complex grid feedback, leading to high efficiency and minimum load on the mains supply. All these features result in an improved test coverage at reduced costs (compared to a dynamometer), reduced development times, and improved safety (LV123 and ISO/DIS 21498).
High-voltage electronic load modules for power HIL simulation – ideally suited for testing electric motor controllers, including power electronics (voltage range: up to 800 V for DS5385 and up to 1,000 V for DS5386)
Low-voltage electronic load unit for the HIL simulation of electric machines (voltage range: up to 60 V)
Low-voltage electronic load unit for the HIL simulation of electric machines (voltage range: up to 60 V)

Electric Test Bench

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