Together on a journey
towards autonomous

Our end-to-end solutions for simulation and validation speak for themselves: We think comprehensively and not only in terms of individual components. We offer an integrated development and test environment for all fields of application, supported by artificial intelligence. What this means for you: You can integrate your own tools, accelerate processes, and reduce costs.

Competence in Autonomous Driving

Let’s get autonomous driving on the road. dSPACE provides innovative technology for your next steps.

Our Solutions for Autonomous Driving

Data from real situations for safe autonomous driving
Data validation for highest demands
Real-time testing of high-performance computers
Powerful solutions for accelerated development processes
Fast function development, for both data-driven development and mechatronic controllers
High-resolution visualizations for sensor-realistic simulations
Generating realistic simulation scenarios from recorded real-world data
Real-time models for vehicle development
Flexible systems with the highest precision
From prototyping to validation
Integrated development and test solutions for autonomous driving from one source
Safety-compliant software solutions

Artificial Intelligence

dSPACE is your partner in the development and testing of artificial intelligence (AI).
We support you in increasing the quality and quantity of your data.